Saturday, July 10, 2010


Though I was born in Pittsburgh, PA, the only time that I call myself a Steelers fan is when I am around my Pittsburgh family, or when I am feeling particularly loyal to my Steel City bloodline.

I am a Cleveland Sports fanatic. I guess that's why I teared up when Lebron James announced that he would be "taking his talents to South Beach" in the fall. Wow. #1, I can't believe that I am publicly admitting that I teared up due the "loss" of a sports figure and #2, I can't believe that LEBRON IS ACTUALLY LEAVING THE CAVS!

(I could go on about the latter for years, but I'll save you the unproductive arguments that would arise...)

Rewind to Thursday Night at approximately 9:28 P.M. Lebron announces his fate and Cleveland breaks out into pure and utter chaos. Surprise, surprise.

As Lebron headed into his free-agency, Cleveland headed into a protest era. Never, in my 14 years of Cleveland residency have I WITNESSed (no pun intended) this city pull together so tightly for one cause.

Billboards were hung everywhere, t-shirts were made and proudly worn, restaurants and businesses switched their promotion signs, the governor of Ohio lead local celebrities in a song and dance YouTube video; and all with one purpose: to remind Lebron of the love that Northeast, Ohio has given him, not just for the past 7 years, but for his entire life, and to convince him to stay and play where he belongs.

When Lebron announced his "decision", Cleveland was silent. It was as if God had come back to Earth and stabbed everyone in the back.

Looking back, that is kind of the shadow that Lebron cast over Cleveland, and I'll be the first to admit that I was under his spell. For the past few months Cleveland has literally worshiped Lebron James (not to mention the love that we gave him in the years that he has played here...oh wait, that was his whole life). Lebron, undoubtedly, turned into Cleveland, Ohio's own personal God.

This made me think. Where is God, and better yet, who is God, in my life? I can tell you one thing, "King" James is out of the running...

The college years and beyond seem to be a time for exploration. It's funny how many times in my life that I have thought that I finally know who I am and who I am meant to be. Is it possible to ever truly and certainly know yourself? Doubtful. You, like the rest of the world, are forever changing.

It's funny to me, that even though I have pretty much morphed out of my "go to church every Sunday, I love church retreats more than anything in the universe" self, I've found God in a different way; a very un-Lebron sort of way.

I've realized that even without going to church and/or without being very "religious" (at the moment), there are other options to fulfill the need in life for belief in a higher power. Praying when convenient for you, or when you need it the most is refreshing (especially because it isn't early on a Sunday morning after your parents have forced you to attend the earliest service that your church conducts). Knowing that there is someone watching over you at all times feels safe. Being spiritual, so to speak, is A-OKAY.

This is not to say that Sunday morning church isn't beautiful and moving. As the granddaughter of an Episcopal priest, and the daughter of an Episcopal Youth Minister, I will forever refer to myself as an Episcopalian, and will forever feel rejuvenated at a church service. What I have come to realize, though, is that it is perfectly okay for me to conduct worship that is between me and God, alone, and in the comfort of my house, my room, and even more conveniently while laying in bed on Sunday morning before I start my day.

What's so special about this is that it is personal. When you are "spiritual", God Time, though always convenient for God, becomes convenient for you, as well. Afterall, unlike Lebron, God will never leave you hangin'.