Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Give Thanks, Please.

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday (other than my birthday, of course), and this year, more than ever, I can not wait to celebrate it surrounded by my family.

My family has two Thanksgiving traditions: 1. Around the Thanksgiving table, each guest gives a schpeal about what they have done throughout the last year. 2. Someone in our family types up a questionnaire that each guest must answer about their year (This goes back to when I was 12 years can imagine that the answers from a 12 year old are much different than those of a now 20 year old).

Even through all of the rough times that my family has dealt with, Thanksgiving day has been a constant reminder of how close we are and how we will always support each other.

The other day as I was walking towards my car to go home for Thanksgiving break, I watched an elderly man pick garbage out of a campus trashcan. It broke my heart as I watched this continue and yet it made me feel so gracious that I had a warm house and a loving family to come home to.

This Thanksgiving, I ask you to really consider the change that you have gone through this year, and be thankful for it. Sometimes we forget to acknowledge the things that make us who we are and that make our lives so special. This Thanksgiving, acknowledge those things and enjoy your family.