Monday, May 31, 2010

People's Choice.

Recently, I set my facebook status to "I need to write a new blog post. What about?" Never did I imagine that I would get 11 answers.

When I think about my life, I often think about the struggles that I've dealt with, the adventures that I've been on, and the love that I've felt. All of these have one common denominator: the people that I've met on my journey thus far.

People often tell me that it amazes them at how many people that I seem to know, or at least be acquaintances with-- it amazes me as well. I find the amount of people that I have gotten to know through my 19 1/2 years of life fantastic. Though impossible to become best friends with everyone that I meet, I often wish that it were possible. Anyone who knows me knows that I love relationships, personalities, and the quirks that people possess.

With that said, it was kind of interesting that most of the responses to my status question were inside jokes, amusing remarks, or just plain out-of-the-blue. All of the answers made me laugh and reminisce-- most explaining my exact relationship with the person that wrote the answer.

Samantha Jones "sunshine and happiness": Although I've never personally met you in person, we've connected over facebook through out love for fashion, the environment, and our pure appreciation for the beautiful side of life. I smiled when I read your comment because it was typical of you. Never forget to love the sunshine and recognize happiness as it appears in life, which, I hope, is everyday.

Austin Buit, Brittany Cook, and Nate Potter "me": You guys would put "me" as an answer. Though I could go on for hours about each one of you, I will save everyone else from boredom ;)

Laura Amari "Wall-e": Wall-e and bio II changed my life-- as did you. I am so happy to know you and I want you to know that I really do look up to you. You know who you are and you won't change for anyone, I wish I could constantly say the same about myself. Stay true to yourself girl. Wall-e taught me, in a round-about way that sometimes you don't have to say anything to get your point across. And Bio II, well, that taught me that I hate training animals to do stupid things.

Daniel Parker "relationships": Funny that if it weren't for relationships, I wouldn't know you. Also, I have to quickly apologize because dating Mehgan is kind of like dating the both of us at once... You're a good guy, and though you, Mehgan, and I have had our rough patches, I know that you are truly worthy of the presence of both of us ;) Relationships will never be easy, but that might just be the best part of them. You need to work everyday for the best things in life. That way, you can see your progress. If you want a longer explanation, read my previous posts.

Michael Bennett "blonde hair superiority": You have, and will forever be, my best friend--since we were blonde bombshells at age 2 to being the less-blonde version now. I have never regretted going back to my blonde roots, just as I will never forget that family is the most important thing in life. Without you, I would never have gotten through the hard times that I have overcome. And, with this major decision of college over my head, at least I know that the superiority of being blonde is on my side ;)

Jillena Arendt "Wallace Lake": Wallace Lake is what brought us together, and I am happy for that. Funny that I never thought that I would actually look forward to going to work until Wallace Lake came into my life. Summer is about kicking back, going to the beach, and making memories--and while Wallace is not as picturesque as the above sentence, it'll do. Here's to summer lovin' and a gross "lake" to call home.

Darren P. Lorenzi (and Danny pt. 2) "waka flacka flame and his influence on the 18-25 culture": Of course I wouldn't understand what this means, but I wouldn't expect anything less. Frankly, I don't have the time to even figure out what this means, but you probably don't expect me to. You were probably just saying it to confuse me and to make my eyes roll. Congrats :) Thanks for the smile, babe. I wouldn't be the same without you.

Eric Luebke "Jose Leonel Canales": Jose deserves his own blog, not just a portion of one. But, with that said, I probably will never ever write him his own blog. So, I'll just thank him here for the laughs, the frequent "what the hell did he just say's?", and the tornado dance.

Mommy dearest "souse!": Only unworthy men use the word Souse. Remember that. Some people aren't worth your time, your attention, or even your annoyed moods when they've pissed you off. Men who use Souse fall into this category...although I will, until the day that I die, give him credit for my realization of this.

Relationships find their way into your life in the strangest ways. Be thankful for the people in your life, and remember that the love and interaction from human to human is the way that the world keeps turning.

P.S. Happy Memorial Day.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Are you rich?

While an economic crisis is among us, many people find themselves cutting finances and equipping their budgets for what might happen next. But not Jill Zarin. You may recognize her as one of the main ladies of The Real Housewives of New York.

The show, a guilty pleasure of mine, depicts the lives of a handful of well-to-do women and their families surviving in NYC. I've always looked to this show as a no-thinking-needed source of entertainment drama, but I most always find myself jealous of these women and the "Sex and the City" lives that they lead. Today, I changed my mind.

I've tried for 20 minutes to find the exact interview online to share with you, but I have failed. I hope that my depiction works almost as well.

BBC on Sirius Radio went on "tour" interviewing people on how the economy is hurting their lives and what adjustments they have had to make. Let me just warn you, Jill Zarin's adjustments might make your jaw drop.

Maybe it was the fact that she had to reduce her charity event tickets to, at the least, $300. Maybe it was because she considers marrying into the Zarin name (her husband is an incredibly wealthy NYC fabric guru) "working her way to the top". Or maybe it's her father's words of wisdom that she follows on a daily basis: If you spend less than you have, you will always be rich.

Let me tell you, ripped her apart on that one, saying, "I'm pretty sure that a mother of two working three jobs with $50 in her bank account doesn't feel rich."

Or how about this gem? “Considering the economy right now, I don’t think it’s appropriate to spend a fortune of money on my birthday present.” — This would be a great lesson if the gift she had settled on wasn’t a $16,000 purse. Later in the episode, Jill’s husband got her an SUV to round out this “frugal” birthday.

Dear Jill, you have officially made me sick. As far as I am concerned, you should stop giving financial advice. You have not met my family, nor do you have any idea of the struggles that we, even just as middle-class people, go through. Nor do you have ANY idea of the struggles that people are going through in the classes below us.

My mother, a youth minister in one of the worst neighborhoods of Inner-City Cleveland, is in-love with her job. She is also in love with being a mom and raising three teenage kids. How she supports us on a youth-minister's budget I will NEVER know. But, if you ask my mom if she's rich, she'll say yes.

My Mom has always told me that rich has many different meanings: money-rich is just one.

After ranting on, I've realized that I just feel sorry for Ms. Zarin. Through the many shows and interviews that I have watched involving her, not one has shown her indulging in the richness of family, love, struggles, or exploration, where money is not involved. Though my family may not be financially rich, we indulge ourselves in the above riches every single day.

I will always have a backbone because I know that it is like to struggle and to make it without financial stability. I have felt what it is like to love and be loved without money involved. I have been able to have fun with my friends in a Wal-Mart parking lot, without having to spend $300 for entertainment. I know what it is like to be rich without money. I think that is as rich as you can get.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Puppy Love.

I read a pretty interesting quote today, "the best relationships are centered around lust."

I'm not quite sure if the nineteen year old college freshman that posted it on HIS facebook status meant it the way that I took it, but here are my thoughts:

I've been wanting to write a blog about puppy love for a while. Until recently, I always believed that puppy love is that little kindergarten crush that you have on a boy or girl in 6th grade; the one where you hold hands, get butterflies, and honestly believe that you have the potential to spend the rest of your life together. But does puppy love ever have to end? Can happily married couples be in puppy-love? I think to be a happily married couple, puppy-love has to exist.

It's kind of like the honeymoon stage of a relationship: Boy and girl (or girl and girl or boy and boy) meet, are instantly attracted to each other and for the next 3 months are connected at the hip and constantly giggly and obnoxiously involve themselves in gross, annoying PDA. Yet, after the 3 month mark, the honeymoon either ends or continues, as does the relationship.

This quote made me think a lot as well as analyze my own relationship. The if the relationships that continue on past the honeymoon stage are strong enough, the lust of puppy-love has to exist.

Not to get mushy, but I can honestly say that I still get butterflies around my boyfriend of almost 2 1/2 years. The two of us have been through some uneasy obstacles through our relationship, but I believe that if it wasn't for the lust and the ongoing puppy-love that exists between us we wouldn't be where we are today.

At the retirement home, I constantly see husbands pulling out chairs for their wives of sixty + years, holding their hands as they walk slowly through the hallways, and not to mention, arguing stupidly like couples always do. Things like this are the crutches to many relationships. If puppy-love stopped in 6th grade, two residents of the retirement home (both in their late 80's, maybe early ninety's) wouldn't have just gotten engaged.

Be in a relationship with someone who makes you smile, gives you butterflies, and who takes care of you. Make sure that you never lose sight of the lust that you felt when you first met each other. On the other hand, be the same way to your partner. Never lose hope in puppy-love.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hi Mommy!!

Ok, so I'm copying off of my mother who was up at the crack of dawn writing a blog about Mother's Day on her brand new wordpress account. You should check it out none the less:

I guess I've always just seen Mother's Day as any other day because I can honestly say that I celebrate my mom's presence in my life every single day. With out the amazing, beautiful, talented, smart, and absolutely hilarious woman that I call my Mom, I would, for one, not be here, nor would I be as spectacular as I am today...

My Mom has been through some tougher situations then I could ever imagine having to go through while raising three children (and a dog). Though I know of many times when she has wanted to throw her hands up in the air, say she quits, hop on a plane and run off to the Bahama's and find some hot Tiki-Hut man to sweep her off her feet--she never did. As a fighter, she would never allow herself to quit.

Maybe that's what being a Mom is all about-- persevering through hardships so that one day your kids can look back on your life and say "Wow, Mom did all that for me?" I am kind of sad that we need to put aside one day a year to recognize the hard work that Mothers do.

I know that my mom celebrates me daily by making sure that I have food, shampoo, cable TV, and the coolest cell phone possible. The least I could do is return the favor ;) Enough with May 9th; Make everyday Mother's day. I love you Mom!

P.S. The only reason that I DO like May 9th is because of one fabulous woman whom I get my amazing looks and fashion sense from: a BIG BIG BIG shout out to my Nanny. As well celebrating Mother's Day, she is also celebrating her birthday!! I love you Nanny, and this blog speaks to you, also. You are such a beautiful woman, and I am so lucky to be blessed with you as my Grandmother. You and Poppy did well raising my Mom, Aunt Melanie, and Aunt Jennie. They are such inspirations in my life, and not every girl can say that she has that many women to look up to.