Sunday, May 9, 2010

Hi Mommy!!

Ok, so I'm copying off of my mother who was up at the crack of dawn writing a blog about Mother's Day on her brand new wordpress account. You should check it out none the less:

I guess I've always just seen Mother's Day as any other day because I can honestly say that I celebrate my mom's presence in my life every single day. With out the amazing, beautiful, talented, smart, and absolutely hilarious woman that I call my Mom, I would, for one, not be here, nor would I be as spectacular as I am today...

My Mom has been through some tougher situations then I could ever imagine having to go through while raising three children (and a dog). Though I know of many times when she has wanted to throw her hands up in the air, say she quits, hop on a plane and run off to the Bahama's and find some hot Tiki-Hut man to sweep her off her feet--she never did. As a fighter, she would never allow herself to quit.

Maybe that's what being a Mom is all about-- persevering through hardships so that one day your kids can look back on your life and say "Wow, Mom did all that for me?" I am kind of sad that we need to put aside one day a year to recognize the hard work that Mothers do.

I know that my mom celebrates me daily by making sure that I have food, shampoo, cable TV, and the coolest cell phone possible. The least I could do is return the favor ;) Enough with May 9th; Make everyday Mother's day. I love you Mom!

P.S. The only reason that I DO like May 9th is because of one fabulous woman whom I get my amazing looks and fashion sense from: a BIG BIG BIG shout out to my Nanny. As well celebrating Mother's Day, she is also celebrating her birthday!! I love you Nanny, and this blog speaks to you, also. You are such a beautiful woman, and I am so lucky to be blessed with you as my Grandmother. You and Poppy did well raising my Mom, Aunt Melanie, and Aunt Jennie. They are such inspirations in my life, and not every girl can say that she has that many women to look up to.


  1. Dig the hair on that woman!! Clearly I don't need to make sure YOU have shampoo. I've been doing it for me for the last 19 years!

    I love you kiddo! You are an amazing woman because of you and in spite of me. You make your own decisions and walk your own path. I can only do my best to direct you.

  2. Can I just say that I love the hair on that woman too? :P