Sunday, April 18, 2010


I have a feeling that a lot of my blogs are going to end up being about one of the residents at the retirement home that I work at, but here goes it...

Everytime that I work, I am delighted to be able to serve one of the sweetest, kindest ladies that I have ever met in my life; her name is Shirley. I don't think I can think of one time in the 2 years that I have been working there that Shirley hasn't greated me with a smile, asked about my day, and told me that I was her "Million Dollar Girl." (This nickname origionally started because of my ear to ear smile that she adores, but recently, Shirley has made it clear that my Million Dollar Girl nickname has evlovled into much more.)

Thursday, I made a quick stop at work to take care of a few things. After doing what I needed to, I scanned the dining room and noticed Shirley sitting alone at her usual table an hour before dinner started. Without thinking, I went over to say hi and switched out an old container that she had been using for who knows what for a new, clean one. As I handed her her new container, she looked at me with the most genuine smile and said "Thanks baby, you really are my Million Dollar Girl. I hope you know I love you and that you are OK in my book". Taken back, I replied "Aw, Shirley, Thank you! I hope you know that I love you too."

Million Dollar Girl? Do I really live up to that nickname? As I walked out of work, this was all that was on my mind.

Impressions really are key. Do something nice for someone and they will thank you. Continue to do something nice for someone and they will think the world of you.

Shirley knows nothing about me outside of work, but that really doesn't matter to her. The simpliest things that I do for her, like getting her a new container while I'm not working or serving her dinner, have lead her to think so highly of me that she can say that she loves me, and in her own way, that who I am and what I do mean a lot to her. What an amazing feeling it is to be thought so highly of by an elder.

Shirley's nickname for me lead me to want to push myself harder to show my Million Dollar self outside of work. Lately I've realized that the little things that you do for people are what shape their impression of you. How hard is it to pick up a dropped pencil for someone, help someone mow their lawn, or return a lost wallet to its owner?

Remember: the little things add up into big ordeals. I challenge you to watch for little opportunities to make someone smile. Making a lasting impression on someone not only changes you, but it changes whoever you are helping because they know that they can count on you. Long lasting impressions never fade, they only grow into meaningful relationships.

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