Tuesday, April 13, 2010


"Wrong baby, wrong baby, wrong, it ain't the end of the world don't you
worry pretty girl Cause now that he's gone baby gone baby gone you got nothing to lose, count the minutes if you want to. It won't be long til you find somebody new.

Come on now, everyone falls down, everyone crawls now and then, then they
get up again. You can cry if you want to, that's what we all do. But if you
think you'll never move on, you're wrong baby wrong.

Cry baby, cry baby, cry. Go on and let it all out, I ain't leavin' you now,
and we can fly baby, fly baby, fly. Let's share a bottle of wine, we can laugh
about the good times. And you'll know why baby, why baby, why it's gonna be all

Come on now, everyone falls down, everyone crawls now and then, they they
get up again. You can cry if you want to, that's what we all do. But if you
think you'll never move on, you're wrong baby wrong."

-Martina McBride, Wrong Baby, Wrong Baby Wrong

To me, country music speaks volumes. But that's really besides the point...

I've heard this song multiple times, but today, instead of being another break up song, I gave these lyrics another meaning. A special meaning. Perhaps it was because I was on my way home from Ashland University where I had just scheduled my classes for the Fall 2010 semester while driving behind a car with a New York license plate? (For those of you who don't know, I spent the Fall 2009 semester at Buffalo State College in Buffalo, NY and then transfered home for the spring semester.) Coincidences happen, but this one made me think.

I guess you could say that everything that went wrong in Buffalo trapped me into a "funk". I don't think you need details, but let's leave it at this: it wasn't a pretty time in my life. [Shout out to Christy, my amazing room mate, who did the best to keep me sane. I love you, best friend]When you hit rock bottom, it's safe to say that most people can not see the bright light at the end of the tunnel [thanks, Mom, for that analogy ;) ]. But guess what, I promise that bright light exists, you just have to allow yourself to see it.

Once you've realized that you're capable of overcoming life's tricky obstacles, tackle them. Start your expedition through the tunnel by enjoying the little things in life. Smile at a stranger, read a book outside on your deck, take your dog for a walk, pick a bouquet of wildflowers, clear your mind. Next, realize your progression. Without progression, peace will not exist. After that, where you end up is your desitny, and the only person in control of your destiny is yourself.

Examine the bigger picture: Life isn't perfect, honey. You're going to face conflicts. But it isn't the end of the world. Everyone falls down, but the strong stand back up and continue to live. It's okay to cry. In fact, let it out now because once you realize that you're going to be okay, all there is to do is laugh. If you can enjoy the laughter, small things, you'll be on your way.

I can proudly say that I am a long way from being the most content person on the planet. I'm still unsure of my destiny. I'm nervous about transfering again. I question my decisions daily. Sometimes, I still cry. But what I do notice is my progression. Four months ago I wouldn't have even wanted to committ to another four year college let alone see a New York license plate traveling in slow motion in front of me.

But today was different. Today I sang along to a meaningful country song blasting at full volume on my radio, driving through the countryside, wearing big sunglasses, and probably dancing embarrassingly alone in my car--but I was smiling the whole time, and genuinely happy. Four months ago, I would have thought all of the above sounded like a fantasy scene from a chick flick [the part where the girl leaves the guy after meeting him for the first time, or after a first date, and goes a little crazy by herself in her car...].

Don't allow "rock-bottom" to define you. The cool thing about life is that you are in control of it. The only way to go is up. Make it happen.

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